What Makes the Features of AWS Mobile so Unique?

In a single night, AWS didn’t make it to the largest cloud platform and support mobiles. Let’s look at some features that make it AWS so popular.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a platform that is cloud-based, and it builds a solution for businesses through inter-connect web services. In AWS you will find various pre-built services through which businesses can build custom cloud-based solutions. Many firms trust AWS, big firms as well as small firms, and this is because it provides many unique features. A wide-variety of workloads are there in AWS, for example, data processing, game development, achieve, warehousing, development and more. Every organization has their demand of servers. In AWS, you have the opportunity to choose servers of your choice. You can save money, time and potential through AWS features.

The best is if you can tie up with an AWS Consulting Partner and then explore the unique features of AWS.

Unique AWS Mobile Features

Unique features make AWS the most reliable. Given below are some of the features of AWS mobile.

Access is Mobile Friendly


Two things are included in mobile-friendly access:

  • Mobile Hub: Amazon Web Services support both IOS and Android. The support of AWS Mobile Hub will guide you for a compatible and suitable feature in your app. It has a console for helping you in accessing services of AWS. For example, development, testing, and monitoring the application of the mobile device. You can select the features in easy ways and then configure the mobile app features, such as push notifications and content delivery.


  • Mobile SDK: Your app will be able to directly access Amazon Web Services such as Lambda, S3, and DynamoBD. Mobile SDK can support, Android, IOS, React Native, Web, Unity and more.


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