What is DaDJ App, and How is it Going to Work?

DaDJ App is a social platform that gives users access to the latest DJ events and the power to vote on their upcoming tracks. DaDJ app is available on App Stores; you can go and download it from there.

When an event is scheduled, before you go to attend the event, you are going to have insight on the DJ who will be presenting their music on the event. You will also have an insight into the latest remixes of that DJ and know about the number of people who are following the DJ.

DaDJ App intends to be the social platform for all DJ events, with the objective to raise perceivability for DJs and investigate on event turnout.

Item portrayal of the DaDJ App

DaDJ App brings the open door for DJs to communicate with their followers intently. DaDJ App gives you web-based highlights, for example, pursue a DJ, add your companions to private message them about upcoming events or the events you are visiting, give input on events and tracks whatever the DJ uploads. The most important piece of DaDJ is the way that you can enable a DJ to comprehend your event needs, just as offer practically anything the DJ uploads.


For the DJ: make a profile, post your events, upload your tracks, see input from events, further publicize your event.

For the User: vote on your most loved remixes, you can like remixes, remark on the remixes, pick an event dependent on your area, see the DJ’s profile and style of music, follow the DJs you like, include and private message companions, share via web-based networking media.

For the Venues: publicize and promote upcoming events and promotions.

Promoting and Venue Specials

For advertisers and club proprietors, you can publicize in the application your item or services on exceptional that you have for the night.

The Story Behind DaDJ App

What began off with adoration for music, and the battles of being an Entrepreneur, finished with an application to enable DJs who are struggling to assemble a brand and continually develop until they reach to the best. DaDJ constructed this application not only exclusively to give DJs a name, but to indicate individuals how innovative DJs can get and you can hear music that you are missing out on.

Thank you for checking DaDJ app and backing up the project. You are assured that the iOS app is complete and available to download in the App Store. Once the Kickstarter campaign is complete, you will be given access to the subscription in the app based on the project you backed.

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