Three Types of Social Media Followers you Should Know

Building a social media network is like trying to be the most popular child in school only about 1000 times harder. Most times, it feels like you need to decipher some sort of secret code of highly selective popularity in order to connect with your target audience successfully. To engage your subscribers, you first have to determine the type of followers you are targeting, how they interact on social media, and most importantly, what you can offer them.

Connected Followers

Fashionable followers are young, popular and creative. These people are always above the most recent fashions and therefore will only engage with you if you provide them with the cool factor. Like trying to enter with the prom queen and the football captain, fashionable followers are hard to capture, but this gives very significant results as they are influencers within their peers.

How to Engage Trendy Subscribers

  • Since these subscribers are extremely active on various social networking sites, you need to prepare a campaign to target any relevant branding point of sale, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram
  • Also, share short and relevant information while being informative. Long posts bore most of the followers in this category.
  • You should also seriously consider embedding videos since 50% of Generation Y members get a lot of their information from video sharing sites.

Sociable Subscribers

73% of people are online sharing to connect with similar interests. These followers use social media exactly as they were designed to connect socially with others. As a result, they will only engage in content that they believe is worthy of discussion with their close pals and acquaintances, as well as media which allows them to perform so. These media usually include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How to Engage Sociable Followers

  • Also, since these people are actively looking for talking points, adding humor or a bit of controversy that does not hurt.
  • Whether it helps them learn to cook according to their budget, teaches them how to write a resume, or simply gives them entertainment for their hours of rest, ensuring that they say their views will make them stay more.

Attention Researchers

Love them or hate them – we all know someone who fits the description of an online attention researcher. 57% of millennials claim that their peers utilize social media to get attention and to seek validation from others. They are found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Most times they have something they want to share, pictures, write-ups and changing of status and you notice the number of likes and followers they accumulate although most of them buy Instagram followers cheap from platform offering the service.

In general, attention seekers are all on their own, and shaping their characters online to achieve the most ‘likes’ and “followers.”

How to Engage Attention Seekers

  • These individuals are there for “likes,” to get them on board, contents that increase interactions and attention is what they can give their time.
  • Contests, photo/video campaigns, and anything that uses controversy or shock value are all good strategy to attract attention researcher.

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