R4 card timebomb, what’s the timebomb and which R4 card has no timebomb?

Do you know the timebomb for R4 card? If you don’t want to buy a R4 card but only can use it in a certain period of time, please read this article to stay away from the R4 cards with timebomb. On the other hand, if you want to check whether or not you have a timebomb R4 card and how to solve this issue, we will help you with this post too.

Timebomb of R4 Card

As we know, it’s a must to download the R4 firmware or kernel to make it work on a 3DS or DSI firmware console. But the problem is, some R4 card firmware has the timebomb software. A timebomb is part of a program designed to start or stop working after a certain date or a certain period of time. The term “time bomb” does not refer to a program that stops working after a certain number of days from installation; in this case, the term “trialware” is more appropriate. This means that some R4 cards won’t work after many years.

  • What is it: A timebomb is a method to softbrick your cart after a certain date, it will stop working after that time.
  • Purpose of it : The point of the timebomb is so the cart makers can stop updating the kernel, forcing you to buy a new cart.
  • How to remove: You can avoid it by either putting ysmenu as your R4i card kernel or rolling back the clock on your 3ds. Another way to avoid it is to always update to the latest kernel.

R4 cards without and with Timebomb

Don’t worry, not all R4 cards has the timebomb software. Here I will list you the flash cards with it and the other R4 cards without timebomb.

  R4 cards with Timebomb Flashcards without Timebomb
  ·         R4i sdhc 3ds rts

·         R4i sdhc b9s

·         r4isdhc gold pro 2018/2017

·         R4i dual core 2018/2017

·         R4isdhc silver rts lite 2018/2017

·         R4i gold eu 3ds

·         R4i gold 3ds wood

·         R4i gold 3ds plus

·         Ace3ds plus

·         Ace3ds X

·         Sky3ds+

·         Stargate 3ds

So just check the above chart, if you still don’t buy a R4 card, don’t choose the R4 cards with Timebomb again. Among the flashcards for 3DS without timebomb, you can buy the R4i gold 3ds plus to play free nds games and install cfw, purchase the Sky3ds+ to play free Nintendo 3ds games or order the Stargate 3ds to play both NDS and 3DS games. All of the 3 flashcarts, you can buy from USA/EU store Mod3dscard.com to enjoy local fast shipping and free game code services.

How to remove timebomb for R4 cards to hack 3DS/DS consoles?

Even if you get the R4 cards with timebomb, don’t worry too, here is a solution for resolving your problem. Just do with this guide.

Boot Ysmenu primary to the R4 cards.

What does it mean: YSMenu is a homebrew version of the ttmenu that loads faster than the original menu and looks similar to an unskinned r4 menu.Ysmenu can be used on many old ds flashcarts including the R4 cards as the alternative kernel.YSMenu automatically boots and replaces your flashcarts own kernel.

From https://gbatemp.net/threads/ysmenu-for-r4-sdhc.187663/ :

1. Download the latest version of Ysmenu and select the folder “R4I-SDHC” for R4i SDHC or R4isdhc 2018 cards.
2. Rename YSMenu.dat to R4.dat
3. Hex edit the R4.dat file (that was renamed YSMenu.dat)
4. Using HxD or another hex editing program find and replace the following offsets


Offsets: Old | New

000002EC: 23 49

00000314: E8 E4

00000344: CC B8

00000404: 00 A8

00000405: 00 05

00000407: 0B 02

00000418: A8 D8

00000419: 05 FF

0000041A: 00 FF

0000041B: 02 EA

Dual-boot Ysmenu to R4 or R4 3ds cards.

What does it mean: YSMenu loads after your R4i flashcarts own kernels have  booted.

1. Download the newest kernel from R4I-SDHC or R4ISDHC.COM, unzip it, then extract all the files to the root of your sd card.
2. Download the latest Ysmenu firmware, decompress it then extract these files from R4i-SDHC YSMenu folder to your sdcars’s root directory.

  • Games folder
  • TTMenu folder
  • dat
  • nds

3. R4i 3ds kernel and R4 YSMenu installation completes
4. Copy some DS gameroms in NDS format into your memory Microsd.
5. Boots R4 3dskernel, then loads YSMenu.nds, console changes into YSMenu interface successfully.
6. Now you can play games under R4 firmware or YSMenu software.

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