Make A Plan To Monetize New Technologies

Many people when trying to earn money during their spare time, they would look for ways to make money online. But the truth is that you shouldn’t restrict the scope to only online. In a real life environment, you have to base the business on something that started with offline, and at the same time use the technology that comes from online to build up your opportunity. It is all about using the modern technology to help people or provide services other people.


If you can write well in English, Textbroker may be a good choice for you. With Textbroker, you may find jobs from employers who need short term or one time specific writing jobs. The copywriting jobs may include writing full articles for some company blogs, writing a product description for a new brand, or more.

Multiple languages

If you speak multiple languages, you may consider working as a part time or freelanced translator. But where could you find translation work. For doing translation work, Gengo may be just the right program for you. Gengo is a crowdsourced language translation platform. Sign up and become a freelanced translator.

An empty house or apartment

An example is Airbnb which is a platform that you can offer your apartment or house for short term rental. In return you will get paid for the rent. If you’re going away for quite awhile and you won’t be using your apartment or house, it makes little sense to leave your place totally empty. In the past you may have to post classified ads on local classifieds sites hoping someone will call you. Then you will have to do the deal with all the potential tenants. That can be time consuming and difficult. Now you can use the Airbnb platform to get tenants.

A Car and a driver’s license

Uber is another example. If you have a car and a valid driver’s license, and you don’t mind driving strangers from one place to another within your city, then you should make use of Uber. With Uber, the passenger pays a booking fee, and a per minute and mile fee for a ride. Being a driver, you get paid most part of the fee from the passenger. A small fee within this fee has to go to Uber, the provider of the app.


As mentioned before, when you know exactly how to use technologies in your spare time, there is always a way to utilize your skills and earn some cash on the side.

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