How to Convert your Offline Business into an Online Business

Internet sales are essential for any company. E-Commerce does not stop growing exponentially in contemporary years, and it is not least because the digital platform allows a store to reach any corner of the world without time restrictions. It is a fact that with electronic commerce the possibilities multiply.

The advantages of opening an online business are greater than those of managing an offline business. The main advantage is the reduction of costs of the company, rental costs of the premises and maintenance, in salaries of employees, etc. All this is supported by the following data: electronic commerce grows 20 times rapid than traditional commerce. If you are already convinced of the benefits of electronic commerce, you will love this article, where we give the keys to convert a traditional business into an online business.

How to Set-Up a Physical Business Online?

In this section, you will find the pace to transform your business into an online company. It is prudent to start testing the acceptance of your product in the digital environment, with small investments and amounts, you should try to go from less to more. In the event that the offered product has sufficient acceptance, it is possible to opt for a scalable sales platform. If you decide to take the leap to e-commerce, you have to select a functional Content Management System, adapted and segregated into the platform and adapted to the magnitude of the business. You must choose the e-commerce explanation that best suits the needs of your company.

Continuation of Website Design

Once the content administration system has been chosen, the design of the website must continue, taking into consideration the usability, adaptability, design, and architecture of the information. The goal of site design is to make the customer have a positive shopping experience. At this point it is worth addressing that since at least 10% of purchases are made from mobile devices, the web should have a responsive design that allows the interface to adapt correctly to mobile devices.

The payment system must be reliable

As for the payment systems, they must be reliable, transparent and safe to instill confidence in the consumer and not condition the purchase. Likewise, special attention should be paid to the product catalog, which must be perfectly organized and optimized so that the customer can easily find what they are looking for.

Give Proper Attention to Clients

The good attention to the client and the incorporation of applications of services is key for the good operation of electronic commerce. It should be noted that there are solutions that combine analytics, email marketing, chat and live support, applications that allow extracting information about customer behavior, the interest shown by certain products and allowing a more personalized follow-up.


Also, do not neglect the logistics because it is essential to be clear about how you are going to receive orders, how you are going to make shipments to customers, what will be the policy of changes and returns and where the stock will be stored.

It should be noted that in e-commerce it is of vital importance to follow an adequate online marketing strategy that guides marketing for e-commerce. You must work especially in giving presence to your business on social media so that people know about it and become a reference option. For this, you can make use of content marketing or email marketing, and also resort to promotion by influencers.

Undoubtedly, social networks like Instagram which encompasses the need to buy Instagram likes are the best ways to get customers, interact with them, know them and build loyalty to generate a community that supports your business.

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