Analyzing the Rise of Tech in Dallas

Since the dawn of the 21st century, there have been immense increases in technology all over the world. From smartphones to tablets to corporate tech giants controlling vast amounts of the economy, it is clear that technology is a trend that is going to be important for the future of the world. There are numerous locations throughout the world that are associated with technology, such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Israel, New York, and others. While these locations are placed on the international pedestal for their technological advances, there are numerous other locations throughout the globe that are also on the rise in the tech industry. Dallas, Texas is one of these cities. With its increase in technology-related jobs, Dallas is a city that is certainly on the rise in the technology world. Although Amazon’s HQ2 was chosen to be split between New York City and Crystal City, Virginia, Dallas-Fort Worth was high up on the list before the ultimate decision was released. This is a good indicator of the rise of Dallas as a technology hub.


Startup Scene

While traditionally the Bay Area has been home to the world’s startup scene, Dallas has recently emerged as one of the top locations for this phenomenon. With a large population containing many millennials with tech backgrounds, as well as being the home to a myriad of wealthy venture capitalists, the startup scene in Dallas is burgeoning into something great. Dallas has become one of the most high-tech cities in all of Texas and is continuing to grow on a national scale as well.

City Infrastructure

As well as the city of Dallas becoming home to more and more startups, the city’s infrastructure is becoming more hi-tech based as well. The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport has recently installed “smart glass” throughout the terminals that adjusts to the intensity of sunlight and regulates temperature. That, coupled with tech-based airport parking services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, is making the city’s airport compete with other major cities with extremely and modern airports. As well as the airport, Dallas has made recent technological developments in the city’s West End, that include “smart” streetlights as well as environmental sensors. As the city continues to thrive in creating technological products, it will continue to build up its infrastructure in order to become a booming tech hub in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Texas is often associated with cowboys and 10-gallon hats; however, in the 21st century, Dallas has tried to turn that stereotype on its head by becoming a major player in the technology industry. While Dallas still has a long way to go before becoming the next Palo Alto, it is certainly headed in the right direction. The city’s incredible and burgeoning startup scene combined with the technologically advanced infrastructure in the airport as well as in the city’s West End will only continue to cement Dallas as a major technology city. So, get your bags packed and cash in on Dallas’ position in the tech world before it gets too big for you to join!

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